Godse…An Assassin Speaks


An Assassin Speaks

A solo piece compiled from Nathuram Godse’s testimony in court, the internet and various other sources.

Compiled, Devised, Directed & Enacted by

Vinay Varma

AN ASSASSIN SPEAKS… shows the other side of history. It’s an assassin’s point of view. The play deals with the reasons that compelled Nathuram Godse to assassinate a man as revered as Mahatma Gandhi, and that despite himself acknowledging the latter as Father of the Nation. Was Nathuram Godse really a maniac, a criminal? Or was he someone who felt very strongly about Indian oneness? Was he a fanatic or was he an educated, well-read, cultured individual for whom the partition of India was quite unnecessary?

The script throws light on some unknown facets of Indian history which are thought provoking – How much was Gandhiji’s principle of AHIMSA or non-violence practicable in a battle-field, and did he have a common definition when communal riots broke out? Why did Nathuram Godse not allow his ashes to be immersed and what did he want the posterity to do with it? Why did he not appeal against his death sentence? Was he alone hanged or did justice go beyond itself rather than “ek ke badle ek, yeh to srushti ka niyam hai”?

on Sunday 23rd October,2011.

2 shows:

7:00 pm & 8:15 pm


Road No.1,

Banjara Hills ,


Entry Rs. 100/- for each show.

For Donor passes & details contact:

Mohit: +91 9848983757;

Deepti: +91 9849875920;

Vinay: +91 9848052541

or mail: team@sutradharactors.com

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