Chintiyon Ka Shor


Three people find themselves hovering, hoping, and coping under a flyover of a noisy, rainy, polluted, restless city. A city of possibilities, A city of impossibilities? Belonging to three different socio-economic backgrounds, the characters unravel to face their current crossroads? Where is home? What is success? Do you decide the quality of your life… Or does life? And will you be able to hear the answers to your questions in the middle of all the Chintiyon Ka Shor…
Cast : Ramesh Thakur
Seema Rahmani
Pranav Brara

Lights : Kritesh kumar
sound and music : Anhad and ankush
Production : Poorva neeraj and Isha kumar

Written and Directed by : Pranav Brara

Supported by
Centre for creative expressions

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