Dear Friends,

As we celebrate the completion of 70 years of the Indian People’s Theatre Association this year, we are also concerned that the legacy of people’s cultural movement, which goes much beyond the the organizational bounds of IPTA has an uphill task ahead. All of us, artists, writers, thinkers and activists continue to contemplate, individually as well as collectively, on the frustrating decay of cultural sensibilities and shrinking democratic space which is necessary not only for ensuring freedom of expression but also for realizing the goal of progressive cultural movement(s): Celebration, Protection and Promotion of a Creative Human Life. The threats to our purpose are immense. The rise of market has encroached upon social values and intrinsic motivations behind art. The politics is increasingly getting degenerated into sectarianism, intolerance, and repression. The art of conversation itself is at serious risk.

In this backdrop, we are re-organizing ourselves. We must. Currently, there are two chapters of IPTA active in Delhi, one at JNU and other at Jamia. These units are active for more than a decade now. Recently, a Singing Squad has been formed which has performed at about 10 progressive gatherings of different types in last 2 years. Another unit in North Delhi is in making. [This absolutely does not include the organization run by Aziz Qureshi in the Name of IPTA]. Yet, we recognize that there are a large number of well wishers of IPTA and overall progressive cultural movement, who we have not been able to reach out to.

In an attempt to re-connect and re-organize we have decided to organize the State Conference of IPTA in Delhi along with a cultural festival and seminar to bring together thinkers and artists from our fraternal organizations on 31-August and 1 September 2013 in Jawaharlal Nehru University.

This cannot be successfully accomplished without your active support. Through this invitationl we request you to please share with us the names and contact details of those who you know are supporters of progressive cultural movement in India or you think should be part of IPTA. Please also confirm your contact details: Full address and phone number. [Our IPTA colleagues Vipul and Sudhanshu are already in the process of calling you all to update your contact details, but it would help and encourage us if you pro-actively respond to this mail.

We would also need your financial support. If it is convenient for you to contribute in Cash please let us know, so that one of us could come and collect. For check and electronic transfers, we will communicate the details soon.

We will keep you posted and updated on the progress of preparations….
It would encourage us if you keep asking 🙂

You may contact following friends:
Manish Shrivastava, 9891884894
Amitabh Pandey, 9810685030
Vipul pachori, 9891077131
Shudhanshu Lal, 9868387980
Waseem 9250851633

Looking forward to your support and participation

Comradely regards
Manish Shrivastava
Gen. Secy. IPTA, Delhi State.


Dear friends, as most of you know we are re-organizing IPTA in Delhi and hosting the 2nd State Conference of IPTA and cultural festival on 31 August-1September 2013 in JNU. The Conference is being organized wholly by individual contributions; We appeal all the well wishers and supporters of IPTA and progressive cultural movement in India to please support us.

You may also transfer your contribution to the following account:
Name: Manish Kumar Shrivastava
Bank: State Bank of Hyderabad, India Habitat Complex Branch
A/c No: 62074600818
IFS code: SBHY0020511

Please let me know of your contributions at 9891884894 or manishipta@gmail.com

Thank your for your support
IPTA Delhi State Committee


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